Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stinson Canning Company Bath Maine

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Here is Stinson Canning Company (80 Bowery Street Bath Maine). I worked there as a sardine packer in 1986. On nice days I walked to work.
If you do a google map for 80 Bowery Street Bath Maine you can see the outline of the factory clearly as well as a giant ship at the dock.
If you zoom in closer to street level, there is nothing there except for some chain link fence, barriers, and some caution tape blowing in the breeze. No factory...no ship parked at the dock...nada. Apparently Stinson Canning Company burnt to the ground in 2007 under mysterious circumstances. I will be posting more pictures from Bath and Stinson Canning Company as I find them. It is a shame that the only thing left at ground level is this fire hydrant. It sure looks too far away from the factory to do any damn good!

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