Saturday, July 9, 2011

Amazon Affiliate Program

The other day I mentioned that my AdSence has been permanently disabled,  I had made about $50 since June 6th when I installed it.  They are secretive as to why they shut me down, so I will never know in all probability.  It turns out that there are other companies that will be willing to purchase ads on my blog. is just one of the many possibilities.  Most of what I know and what I write about can be traced back to books I have read in the past.  So for now is a perfect fit.  Most of the ads for books I will post here are also in my own personal library.  I may try to lighten my book load in the near future by selling some of my books on Amazon as well.  My upcoming move will be expensive as I am not physically well enough to move myself.  I will have to hire people to load up a moving van and to help unload the moving van at the new destination.  It is nice to know that my daily blog is generating a little income towards my move.  Hopefully my readers will be interested in looking at the books I post, clicking on the ads, and maybe even get their own copy.  Sometimes I get books from the library and inter-library loan.  This week I am rereading a book from the library called Publishing a Blog with Blogger.  I highly recommend this book and this is the second time I have taken it out of the library.

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