Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Free Fans And Cooling Centers

I called for a free fan from Lifecare Alliance, until I can pick up my air conditioning unit.  Lots of folks are suffering this heatwave.  I have been lucky so far as I now have an inhaler to help me breathe.  I heard last night on the news that there are Cooling Centers through Columbus Parks And Recreation all over Columbus.  I will be looking for the closest one in case it becomes too unbearable.  I use the library, and trips to the grocery store to substitute cooling centers.  Yesterday I sat in an air conditioned waiting room to fill out my application for housing.  It is a relief that I won't be moving till September 1st.  That gives me time to relax and prepare for the move.  Hopefully it will be cool on both ends by then as I will have my new air conditioner set up on this end and can rest and cool down in between trips.  I am getting my ducks lined up and excited about my next place.  Looks like it will be through the HUD and Columbus Metropolitan Housing and I can enjoy reasonable rent rates that are below 50% of my total income.  I have not had that sort of break since 2000 when I was on the voucher program.  All these programs have eligibility requirements that are dependent on income and disability.  I feel so blessed that I can get help when I am in crisis.  I am reminded that crisis comes from the word cresos which means to sift. 

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