Sunday, July 17, 2011

Prescription Air Conditioner

My Doctor prescribed an air conditioner for me last week as I have been diagnosed with COPD and am eligible for a portable unit.  I would have gotten one last year, but my landlord had promised me central air.  Like most of her promises a lot of hot air, this one at least has a remedy.  I am even eligible for assistance to pay for the electricity it will use.  I am so blessed that there is an end to suffering in all this.  It looks like I will be here through September, so this is going to make my existence here bearable until I can secure the resources to move.  I had a place lined up, but without an eviction notice, I can't get financial aid for the moving truck and deposit on the rent.  I trust there will be a perfect place for Syd and me in September.  Until then, he gets to enjoy his outside.  I plan on coming back once a week to feed the cat colony and visit Stubby.  Yesterday,  I met the man who lost his mother to a fire here in 1977.  He was 5 years old at the time.  The fire was started by a cigarette of course.  Cigarettes are so destructive.  They cause so much anguish whether it be a house fire or COPD.  The whole time I have lived in this house I have picked up the cigarette butts that the workmen threw from the porch last year when they were remodeling.  I guess they are $50 a carton now.  A $50 investment in your next house fire and future COPD diagnosis.

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