Monday, December 31, 2012

Very Odd Sign

This morning when I went to go pay bills I saw several flocks (3 or 4 groupings) flying north west???  WTF does that mean?  I look for signs all the time.  Signs from nature, not advertising signs.  Because I don't have a TV and because I am missing my left eye, I don't respond the same way other people do to advertising.  I have finally concluded that bill boards and magazine ads just do not register in the left side of my brain. right eye takes in the image without the words, or something like that.  It is hard to know for sure as I haven't ever gotten to talk with any expert about my particular visual perceptions.  It could very well be that if I was missing my right eye instead of my left, that I would ignore the visual image in these ads, and only read the words.  What I do respond to dramatically though is a visual and audio combination.
When a flock of birds fly over my head, I can't help but pay attention.  It seems like I am hard wired that way, and couldn't be trained to ignore it, even if I wanted to!  When several flocks fly over, I become alarmed...sort of.  In this instance, I would expect them to be flying south this time of year.  There must be something going on in the south that would cause them to shift to the north west.  I could not find any google images of several flocks of geese in formation in a single photo, and I was so amazed at what I was seeing that I failed to get my camera out in time to capture my experience this morning.  One thing for sure though...they know something we don't!  More will be revealed.

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