Thursday, December 27, 2012

Feather Bracelet Number One

I had a great time after Solstice finishing this piece in time for Christmas Eve for a friend of mine.  Just in the "nick" of time I will add.  I cut this piece of Lapis (the blue stone) a couple of years ago when I got the opportunity for a day and a half to work in a lapidary shop.  It was just one of those magical opportunities that I took on the fly and have some wonderful stones from that day and a half!  Most of my rock cutting equipment was sold years ago...reluctantly.  It was more of a safety issue than anything else.  My grinder took Kerosine as the lubricant.  Not only would the Kerosine spray back upon me when I was cutting the stone, but it was a difficult machine to store in between my...nomadic adventures (to say the kindest thing I can think about in relation to having to store my workshop)!  It was a highly flammable machine which is not really welcome in any storage shed I have ever contracted for.  This last stay in the storage shed cost me all my glues and most of my solvents which are pretty much out of my reach to replace as these things are not what jewelry is made of, but necessary for the process of putting the pieces together.  I am somewhat "crippled" without these substances but I somehow prevailed without them for a year.  So...all that being said about my workshop losses, I mostly am grateful that I got to keep most everything of major importance, and both last Christmas and this Christmas I didn't have to miss a beat.

 For the holiday I got to work on a wonderful gift for someone, in reverence for the workshop and tools that I worked so hard to save from various forms of disasters.  And when I really think about it, I have had to fight to save my workshop and equipment for years before Nesley's deceptions, or even Lori's burial house.  Mostly I remember I have always had to hide my hobby (landlords and thieves) and any cats (landlords and sicko's), I might have lurking my space.  Saving cats and saving my workshop have always been paramount.  I also sold three silver feathers on Solstice night which paid for my trip to and from Columbus.  The art council came through that very day, so I was able to spend some of my grant money at Werkhaven to replace some of the necessary items from my shop.  I also went to the hardware store the next day and picked up the framing supplies for Elizabeth Brims Quilt that I hope to put into a traveling exhibition in January.  I will be writing my representative to thank them for contributing to the Ohio Arts Council in the next few day...and seeking a matching grant of some sort.  I will also be busy on my home computer the next few days writing those letters and trying to free up some disk space.  I am not connected to the internet and won't be until Lori pays the unpaid phone and internet bill, plus court costs.  I feel sorry for her most of the time, as I tried so hard to be fair and square with her, only for her to have done this "crippling thing".  If I were goddess of the universe, I would cause her to lose her own phone service and internet until she paid this off.  It is a good thing I am not the goddess of the Universe as there would be a lot more "crippled up" people....if only because they took advantage of my disabilities.  There would be alot more fingers pointed back upon the finger pointers permanently disfigured until repentance.  Oh well...I am sure the Universe is alot more smart and just than I am.  I will no doubt have to garnish both Lori and Nesley in order for them to take responsibility for their damages.  In the meantime, I feel sorry for them, and bask in the shafts of sunlight that sometimes streams into my sacred workshop.  It must be hell to not ever have that sort of gratitude.  It must be hell to be them.  I won't be getting in the way of any of that of course.  Sympathy is one thing, forgiveness another.  Neither one of them has asked for forgiveness and both apparently feel justified for their damage.  I will be contacting the court later on this month and finding out exactly what I have to do in order to get this phone bill and internet bill paid, even if I have to garnish her income tax return.  Nesley has two months to fess up to her new attorney as I am guessing she hasn't admitted any wrong doing.  Maybe he will find his way to this blog and go way back to August 2010 and find all the flooding, doors falling off, destruction of the kiln...just maybe the guy hates pedophiles and drug dealers.  She won't know, if she doesn't confide in him.  Blankenship knew her deceptions and was actually part of them for years.  He was in for the penny and then in for the pound!  But this new guy Richard Parry actually might be ethical.  If he is, then she is in deep trouble.  I look forward to seeing her smug mug again February 28th which just happens to be Lori Rayburns birthday.  History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes I am told girlz...I will see you in court...or hell, whichever comes first.
Dear readership, I may not be back till after the new year as I have much to complete on my workbench, and more to study.  It will mostly depend on library hours and the weather.  I don't know from one day to the next if I can drive my truck...or if I SHOULD drive my truck.  Happy New Year dear readership, and please be safe.

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