Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Winter Solstice 2012

I had a wonderful Solstice ceremony last night in spite of the weather.  I got my art council money in the mail, and headed to Cow Town to get some silversmithing supplies for the new year.  I stopped and saw my friend Bill in the early afternoon and headed off to Clintonville and the Werkhaven crew for supplies.  I had a wonderful quick lunch at Chipoltles, and then went to the Whetstone library to kill a little time on the computer.  It had been so long since I had heard any news story or NPR, so after I finished at the library, I sat in the truck in the parking lot of the church to catch up on what is going on in the world by listening to the radio.  My... my... time fly's when it is not dragging!  When folks started arriving for the ceremony, I unloaded my drums and went inside to warm up a bit.  I had been afraid that the weather might keep me from drumming with my drum sisters (Columbus Womens Drum Chorus), so going in 6 hours early eased my anxiety a bit.  But once I was in Columbus, I had to worry about the drive home.  
I sold 3 feathers before the ceremony, so I had plenty of cash to get home with.  The wind was fierce and State Route 70 was mostly just wet.  But when I got off the 37 exit ramp I drove into an icy battle zone.  If people would realize that I can not stop without sliding, they might think twice about pulling out in front of me on ice.  I had a couple of really close calls because people take stupid chances instead of waiting for assured clear distance!  My truck does not do well on ice, or mud, so I feel fortunate to have made it home on that icy stretch of road last night.   Drumming with my drum sisters was worth the fright factor though, and today I am safe and warm.  I will be doing Santa's elf work right up till Christmas eve, which is what I love to do this time of year.  I don't celebrate Christmas at my house.  I will probably kick back with some nice doom and gloom movies with Syd.  If you are wondering why I posted this picture of Stonehenge after snowfall...  It is the only place I can think of that I would rather spend Solstice, than drumming in the increasing light with my drum sisters!  I will be back tomorrow dearest readership, and that will be the last blog till the 26th as the library is closed Christmas Eve, and Christmas.

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