Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Labyrinth Trap

Here is a photo from the mid nineties of the portable labyrinth I helped construct, that's history is being revised by the Granville cult (First Baptist Church).  I am in the background drumming while two "seekers" walk the path.  So dear readership, in spite of what the local paper reports, I was there.  It was not painted 3 years ago by the church as reported in the Advocate, but more like 15 years ago.  And the man Ferre who is quoted "When I came to Granville three years ago we painted a portable labyrinth on canvas for what was then the First Baptist Church."  He wasn't there dear readers...not 15 years ago.  He goes on to talk about other labyrinths around the world that he has worked on and been to.  I doubt very much that he is who he says he is...unless they somehow planted "false memories" in his brain (which should not be discounted).
If Mary Ellen Hare (reporter for the Advocate 2012) had done her homework before writing the revisionist new story, she would have found Brian Millers article from the mid-nineties called Granville Church Builds Labyrinth.  This new revised story ruffles my feathers so to speak because I worked hard on that project.  The people who were really there in the mid 90's are not mentioned at all.  My suspicion is that the Granville cult needs to reset the trap.  They can't do that without a new history.

Both articles about the labyrinth fail to let the reader know that the difference between a labyrinth and a maze are that they are two sides to the same coin.  The labyrinth is the path in and out of a larger maze.  So if you could pull the path of the labyrinth out of the bigger picture, it would be the key or solution to getting in and out of a larger maze.  I have not decided what I am going to do about this cult trying to weave the web of deception AGAIN, while I am in this county.  For now I try to remember that when I come across a spider web in real life, I remove it and hope the spider will go somewhere else.  

My brother has a story that he tells about his students trying to use his shop class to secretly make bongs (marijuana pipes).  When he hears them begin their obvious excursion from their assignment, he lets them get almost done with their creation before catching them in the act (He has this timed perfectly), then he takes them to a locked cabinet, opens it, and shows them all the other bongs that were attempted to be made before the little darlings thought they were coming up with a new idea. 

So keep lieing about the labyrinth church of deception.  Many of us that know the real history are watching you and waiting for the opportunity to shut your operations down for the good of all, according to the freewill of all.  So mote it be. 

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