Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Finish By Thursday

I have had a very productive last few days in the workshop.  I riveted these feathers in place before soldering them and before bending the bracelet into shape.  I did this because I don't want them to move.   Sometimes they move when the solder flows.  I also riveted the middle bezel in place so that it wouldn't move as I hate nothing more than an off center stone in a bracelet.  This piece is coming along nicely, but I have run out of drill bits and am low on medium solder.  No court this week as the plaintiff obtained her 3rd or 4th continuance.  I am guessing they want another judge, and another attempt at summary judgement.  I don't think it is gonna happen, but I will gladly put away the briefcase for a month or so and work on Bridgids projects.  Hey Nesley,  if you somehow trick your own attorney, and get him to trick the interim judge, I will still come after you in another court.  Get over yourself already, you can't squirm your way out of this.  Maybe by the time this all comes to court they will have caught you for your other transgressions.  And maybe I can send the bar association the emails I have to your previous attorney and maybe they will see that he has acted unethically AGAIN!  Fraudsters.....beware.  I am coming to get ya!  It might not be this week, or next....but I am coming for you.  You can count on it.  My friends believe Nesley is just trying to wear me down.  But it is not wearing me down.  As time goes on, I become more empowered.  Each time she seeks a continuance, I realize she has NO CASE.  But I am not going away...(taps her fingers on desk).  I would guess Nesley is out of continuances.  I have guessed that before and been wrong.  February is good.  I can do that.  I will have garnished my February court win from last year.  I may set the garnishment in motion this week or the following week.  But Lori is out of time.  Nesley won't want it to get to garnishment as she would have to list her properties...and therefor list (get caught) her non payment of taxes, and non transfer of titles...You can just bet, she doesn't want it to go that far.  Don't worry Nesley, the county auditor won't be sleeping much longer....he is going to catch you, and fine you, and possibly take some of your properties away.  Slumlords are going down in 2013....I heard the word!

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