Saturday, December 8, 2012

Twenty Four And Counting

I noticed this morning that I have 24 followers to this blog as of today and over 350 page views a couple days ago.  I can not imagine what is going on to attract this much interest!  I renamed the metal quilt again.  It is now called The Quilt Of Elizabeth Brim.  It has a better ring to it....less awkward.
3 of my apprenticeships have been with women who have worked directly with Elizabeth Brim.  All 3 women have 3 sets of stories about Elizabeth and all 3 of them have recommended that I do a workshop with or study her.  So it is not any wonder that after finishing the metal quilt replica that I am reminded of the playfulness that Elizabeth approaches the anvil with.
Maybe the next grant I write, I will write it so that I can work with Elizabeth Brim at Penland.  Then I can gather my own stories in addition to the stories I already know about her.  Maybe I am the woman who is supposed to write her biography!  It has a great ring to it "The Biography Of Elizabeth Brim by Concha Castaneda".  Wouldn't that be something?
Here is a shot of the metal archway from the local library.  The building through the arch is called Avalon.  It is a historic building in Newark that I look forward to learning more about.  The arch made out of books is a little reminiscent of Elizabeth Brim in that she knows how to make metal look like something paper, cloth, or ribbon.

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