Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Zero Tolerance For Rip Offs

A few years ago I was living in an intolerable location and stuck there because I had no money to go anywhere else.  I was paying for a room at the downtown YWCA with most of my household belongings in a nearby storage facility.  What made it intolerable for me was that it was an institutional setting, and I was paying almost as much to live there as I would pay for an apartment.  I started selling my plasma in order to save enough money for the deposit on a new apartment.  Selling plasma is pretty much a bummer, but it beats stealing.  I walked from downtown Columbus to Clintonville 3 times a week for 7 months.  It involved at the very least 3 hours of my time, an hour in the waiting room, an hour in the extraction chair, and the hour it took to walk to and from the blood bank.  Sitting in the waiting room with the crack heads was the worst part of it.  I always took my own food to eat just prior to donating as I didn't like to get sick.  The crack heads always wanted my food, and I always felt embarrassed to say no to them.  I didn't have enough food for all of them, and it just was a horrible feeling to have them ask me for a bite of my sandwich or a piece of whatever I was eating....I can't tell you the shame I endured each and every time I had to say no.  But I survived and moved out of that horrible room at the Y, and because of that experience I have a zero tolerance for cheats and thieves.  And in spite of what some people have thought and said to me (Bonie B. comes to mind), I haven't had anything handed to me ever!  Not ever, and if you looked into it a little deeper and listened to my story as a handicapped person, you would know that and not assume I get anything for free.  I have always had to work really hard to get and keep anything I have ever had.  Be damned if someone is going to cheat me, or steal from me, or break my kiln without me coming after them.  7 days Nesley.  I will be seeing you in 7 days, even if I have to walk!  Even if I have to start walking the night before court, I will be there to make you accountable for what you have taken without thought.  Don't forget to bring your check book Nesley.  And Lori, if you are reading this too, I haven't forgotten about you.  You will be garnished as soon as I am finished with Nesley.  I have gone without a phone and computer because of you running up a tab on my account, and I haven't ever seen either you or Nesley down at the blood bank.  You bitches have had everything handed to you.  You have had support from your families.  And you folks that have been indifferent....well I can tell you the Universe doesn't appreciate indifference any more than she appreciates the original evil deed.  May we all get what we deserve, in perfect time, in perfect trust, so mote it be!

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