Tuesday, December 4, 2012

One Of My Creations

Here is a photo of Margo Adler (1996) wearing an amulet I made out of silver and meteorite.  I was thrilled to no end that Margo wore my creation for a solstice gathering that year, and I like to think the piece still carries her energy!  My sister Raquel told me once that people are interested in the story behind each of my pieces of jewelry.  The meteor in this piece landed in Australia and was named Miles.  There is not very much of Miles, so I am pleased to have a piece of it at all.  This picture does not really do it justice, so I will be re taking some pictures soon.  Margo is a reporter for NPR and wrote a book Drawing Down The Moon.  I treasure this picture and I think I am going to wear that pendant for Winter Solstice this month.

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