Saturday, December 1, 2012

Creep Space For Rent

One of my favorite Nesley stories is about when she went to Mt. Vernon (on the town square) and tried to trick the powers that be into letting her open her "boutique".  I told her it would never go there as I grew up around there and knew what sentiments the community would have.  True to Nesley form, she ignored me, went ahead and threw a few grand at the project and of course they took her money, then refused to let her open.  It could have been her license plate (WICKED) that tipped them off, or they might have googled Jeffrey Blankenship and found out his past pursuits.  I can only imagine their little meeting when they found out who was trying to buy a piece of their dying downtown rental space.  It must have been hard for them, because they really needed the money.  It was brilliant of them to let her continue to believe she had tricked them...grandiosity and greed rewarded accordingly.  Bet they saw it too.  I don't blame them for winking and taking her money.   I think she may resent me those times when I am right...but I was loyal to her at the time and only telling her the truth...trying to save her some time and money etc.
  I found a perfect spot for her idea though, and this morning I snapped the shot for this blog.  This is a "real" boutique that just went out of business right off downtown Newark square.  Had Nesley picked this perfect spot, she wouldn't have had to try to deceive the "wasps" in Mt. Vernon LOL.  It is located right across the street from our very own and only titty bar (owned by a cop or a judge I forget which).  She would have had a steady stream of customers ready for the sex toys, as well as the dope pipes...and it would feed the titty bar revenue.  It is a no brainier, and slam dunk.  And get this, it used to be Halls photo and camera shop.  I used to work there for a little bit in College (I minored in photography), and I know the building like the back of my hand.  It has a dark room space!  So Nesley could have even had a temperature controlled (with plumbing, jacuzzi ready) medium sized room where folks could try out their new "toys" and garmets on a willing employee that would gladly take their money.  Dressing rooms also built in and camera ready!  This space is perfect for what she was trying to do, and it would have been profitable for everyone on the block.  Also across the street is Buckeye Winery....How could you go wrong with all those advantages?  I like it because, it would keep all the creepy people in one area of town for easy monitoring.  I can imagine her own surreal estate plans going pretty well south in Columbus right now.  Who knows, maybe she will take my advice.  No hard feelings Nesley....I really was looking out for your best interests always, and I want you to know I thought of you instantly this morning when I saw this space.  If you haven't squandered all your money on dumb stuff, you might consider a space like this.   Location, location, location:)  See you in court.

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