Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Press Release

Here is a labyrinth ring and pendant I made in the late 90's out of a mixture of gold and silver called Electrum.  There are 8 diamonds in the center of the pendant, and one diamond in the center of the ring.  When my mother died in 1995 I got a broken shard that had been a diamond ring with 9 diamonds in a marque formation.  It was pretty jagged and no one in my family wanted it, it could not be repaired, so they gave it to me.  The broken shard of a ring my mother loved has been transformed.  I like to think of "transformation" in relation to the labyrinth and the Labyrinth Project of Granville from that same time period (in spite of what the local paper says).  I still have all the molds, drawings, plans, press releases, newspaper articles....even the pencils we used to draw that labyrinth onto the canvas.  I am looking forward to helping the paper revise their recent story.

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