Friday, December 28, 2012

Omnivores Dilemma

I have been reading Michael Pollan's book Omnivore's Dilemma  for a couple days.  I had heard this guy interviewed on Terry Gross NPR a couple years ago and his books have been on my reading list since then.  As I was reading the first few chapters of his book I realized the key to my mysterious weight gain and equally mysterious recent weight loss even though he is writing about cattle in cattle feed lots and not humans!  The more I read, the more it becomes clear to me.  If I want to keep off the weight I gained while living in Columbus, I will need to carefully select my food.  I am only halfway through his book and will be trying to find his other books in the meantime.  The secret is corn!  Cattle are not evolved to digest corn, and big ag is force feeding them corn instead of grass resulting in all sorts of terrible things to the cattle, and ultimately humans who consume them.  That is the simple version of Michael's message.  Corn is in virtually everything we eat under various being gluten.  Hooray for Capitalism once again to put dollars ahead of the well being of animals and humans, as well as the soil they damage in the process.  I am almost convinced that Capitalism at it's core is EVIL, and my new years resolution is to try to not buy into it from this day forward.  Why should my health be compromised by these fat cats?  One of the most powerful things I can do as a single human being alive on this planet right now, is to begin only eating food that is not processed!  If I do that one thing, I will be more healthy and if enough of us do this one thing, eventually all of nature will be better off.  It is just too bad we can't put all the capitalists into their own feed lots and force feed them up to slaughter time.  If I were goddess, I would put that feedlot in Washington D.C. and start with the lobbyist's that promote this.  I am fairly confident that after that...we could round up all the big oil industry folks, and lets see, make them eat petroleum until slaughter.  I could have a hey day if I were goddess for a day.  I have a friend who recently had much improved health by just not eating gluten.  She will probably find that finding meat that is not forced to eat gluten is much more difficult, but maybe someday this will all change and we won't have to actually study in order to eat right.  Happy New Year.  May you be strong healthy...and wise.

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