Sunday, December 9, 2012

Twenty Five Or Six Two Four

I have been aMAZED at how I have picked up followers to this blog recently!  Today I have one more follower since yesterday!  Welcome.  I hope I don't disappoint.  There is lots of stuff boiling up from the bottom of the cauldron these days.  Some of it is creative and wonderful, and some of it is dark and not so wonderful.  I live in a world of both and I don't ever really know which thing will be begging my attention and will end up in my daily web blog.  This weekend I have examined this photo of the destruction of my kiln June 4, 2010 from another angle.  There is much more here than meets the eye.  You might be wondering how in the world this woman (Nesley Thomas) could coax three men to break the law and my lease for her only 4 days after she didn't receive rent?  There are clues in this photo that may not be apparent, but are there for the inquiring mind to see and decern.  Two of the men in this photo are teenage boys (at the time of the photo).  The other man is a tenant.  In fact they are all 3 tenants in her neighborhood.  The elbow on the truck belongs to one of the boys mother, who is in the original photo (cut off by google for this blog).  You should see the ugly look on her face when all this is happening.  I shot 3 photos while they destroyed the kiln that day and have the other two safely unseen (this blog) for the judge to inspect.  The boy who belongs to the elbow on the truck that belongs to the mother of the boy has been drugged since grade school.  I was there when that decision was made, and I strongly opposed it to no avail when they told me about it.  So picture this dear readership:  The boy who has been drugged since 2nd grade was acting up at school most probably because his parents were violent alcoholics, and his home life was lonely and hellish.  The system in all it's wisdom, treats and punishes the symptoms in almost all cases, rather than treating the problem.  I opposed the drugging of Ronnie, and was outvoted.  It wasn't too long before his mother (who belongs to the elbow on the truck) started taking her sons prescription (Ritalin), as she bragged till the day I last saw her .  I am not kidding.  I couldn't make this shit up!  So these fiends drug Ronnie, while telling him he is a powerful witch (flattering him) and dragging him along to Nesley's drug deals.  To my knowledge he has received no real training in the occult...just the flattery!
Let's not forget Nesley is a pedophile that got her charge reduced to contributing to the delinquency of a minor (wise legal system to go along with the wise medical and educational system).  Instead of counting her blessings because she doesn't have to have the restrictions that a fully charged pedophile has....she "dabbles" with a pyramid sex toy business (operated by her tenants of course), takes the boys on drug deal excursions, gives their mother's shelter, which gives them a place to live, and of course supplies them with dope.  How easy it must have been when two of these boys came "of age" to get them to do her bidding.  She is their landlord, their drug dealer, and in the instance of this photo, their employer (kiln delivery without the dolly). 

In Plain City where they all live, Nesley is a powerful figure indeed.  Above and below the law!  I can see the possibility of them not being able to refuse her...for now.  I objected to Ronnie being drugged as a little boy, and I objected to her bringing him along to deliver dope to our home.  But instead of changing her ways, she always punished the boys, and "the girl (there was a girl too who is now in the military thank goodness", by making them go to the car, or making them sit in a different room away from the adults who were indulging.  Punnishing them for our discomfort!  What a fucking buzz kill.  She hasn't changed her ways in the least.  She is as grandiose and self righteous as ever...and corrupt to boot.  Ah... but I have faith in those boys and "that girl".  I really do.  If they can get away from Plain City and the fiends that have them in captivity they will see that they have been in a trap.  They can't see it now because she owns them, supplies their drugs, has groomed them, and probably can get them to do even more horrific things for her in the future.  As I told Lori (my x who also disapproved of teenagers coming along for the drug deal), it is not that difficult to find a bag of dope that doesn't come with the baggage of the abuser.  We were always uncomfortable, but not uncomfortable enough to put our foot down and say.....look, leave the teenagers at home, or we are not going to buy anything from you.  She just inconveniently forgot from time to time...just like bringing the puppy into the house when she was told not to.  Rules and laws don't apply to Nesley Thomas!  That is what needs to happen.  Someone needs to put the smackdown on this pedophile, in a higher court of law than small claims.  If I were a praying woman, I would pray for those kids.  How easy it must have been to graduate them from prescription medication to marijuana.  And once they graduated, they realized how much more interesting marijuana is than Ritalin.  And just maybe someday the sleeping children will wake up and realize their mothers have manipulated them all along...for their own selfish purposes.  They will find their way out of the labyrinth and the maze that encloses it.  I am about 10 days away from taking this pedophile to trial.  Even though it is only a small court claim, it is important for her "tenants" to see she is not in power in other towns, and certainly has no power over me!  She had no power the day I chose not to give her rent money.

  I was not able to stand up to the pedophiles in my own childhood.  My parents didn't seem to see them for what they were.  Perhaps they were too busy letting their own hair down with alcohol in those days.   I wasn't able to stand up to them without the support of a parent who would believe me.  But two years ago I was able to tell my uncle in another state that my aunt had shared what he had done to her, and that I still remembered what he had done to me...and if he contacted me again, I was going to contact law enforcement in his area and put him out of commission (statute of limitations for pedophilia should be a thousand years).  The abuser wants lifetime control, and I was putting that to an end with that email to him.  I never heard from him again!  He is dead now (a friend googled his name and told me), and can not ever hurt another child.  Nesley has already damaged several children.  I wouldn't dream of just walking away (letting her win in court) and letting her use kids that I defended and tried to advocate for, do her bidding in spite of landlord tenant laws about destroying tenants property.   She must be bat shit crazy if she thinks I won't show up and kick her ass even if she gets Perry Mason (her attorney just withdrew from the case). Those boys were scared the day they busted my kiln.  Not of me, of her!  I could have called the police.  I could have gone inside and got my rifle or shot gun and run them off.  I did not.  That could and most certainly would have backfired.  What would that have taught them?  Instead I chose to snap pictures and hope for the day I could expose her.  And when she loses in court (December 20th), you can bet all her tenants, serfs, and slaves will on some level rejoice in her loss.  You don't have to recognize the bars to see that you are in a cage afterall!  They will resent you Nesley, and I doubt very seriously if any of them will allow you access to their children.  So Mote It Be!

post note... 25 or 6 to 4 was a Chicago song back in the day.  I have no idea even now what the song was about.  Some things still escape me!

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