Sunday, December 23, 2012

Have A Safe And Merry Christmas

This blog should need no explanation.  I am on a recall list, so everyday some product or another is being recalled for some reason or another.  If there is a way for humans to get hurt on something, it usually gets done.  Guns are not the only thing that kill people.  Stupidity kills people probably more often than guns do.  The ritual of keeping a Christmas tree in the home, with flammable items underneath, and hot lights to ignite is probably one of the dumbest "necessary evils" I can think of...aside from bringing in the outside grill and lighter fluid to barbeque inside, or keep warm when the electric goes out.  As the plant life diminishes on the planet and people become more virtual, do you suppose we could all just dispense with this dangerous ritual, and maybe do Christmas Tree screen savers or something?

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