Friday, December 21, 2012

Recess Is Over!

Here I am Concha Castaneda at the end of all days (at my local library of course).  If you didn't read my blog yesterday, you might want to do that.  I got a pretty clear message from the goddess a couple days ago, and she says "recess is over".  I was never in the End Game camp, and was pretty firmly in the Reset group in terms of the Mayan Calendar running out.  I always figured it was like the math in Pi, after a while a person figuring pi would lose interest, or die of old age.  I know I wouldn't want to spend my whole life working on pi, or any math for that matter.  I was going to try to make a joke and use the Bugs Bunny "That's All Folks" loony tunes graphic, and say something like....this is what is on the back of the Mayan Calendar.  But now that the goddess has spoken to me after the bell tone...well it is just not that funny of a thing to be joking about now is it?  I will be in Columbus all day today (Friday), maybe I will see you around.

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