Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Power Of Making A List

On the eve of New Years Eve I find myself contemplating as many people do, the idea of making a list of New Years Resolutions.  I have had more success in list making than anyone I have ever met and discussed this with.  The power of the list exceeds the power of a list of new year resolutions for sure.  As a magician I have learned that sketches of that which I wish to attain, placed strategically on the refrigerator betters my chances even more than a verbal list.  When I ponder my sketches and lists over the years I am amazed at how often I get exactly what I want.  I have kept a scrapbook of these experiments over the years and even though I can't tell you exactly how it works, my scrapbook proves to me that it has, does, and will continue to work.  In retrospect, I wish I had put dates on the original list, and then the date the item was obtained.  I marvel at the magic of these lists for myself and there are hints that these lists are equally powerful for other people who are not magicians as well.  Perhaps my greatest example of a non magicians list is an album called The List by Roseanne Cash.

  The list that she materialized into album form was her father's list of mostly country songs that were the quintessential 100 songs that Johnny Cash believed she should seek out and learn.  What a great list it was too, and I would guess that it may have been hard for her to choose a half dozen of those songs for an album, and just maybe the list will continue to be published for us in the future.  The list is on my list of albums to get from the library this year and add it to my computer music.  I have loved every song I have heard her sing from the list...and if I were to make such a list, I would include some of her father's music in addition.  

There are all sorts of roadblocks out there to not even bother making a new years resolution list...mostly big brother wants you to believe that mindless consumerism is something you just can not overcome.  The message is why make resolutions if you are just going to break them?  That is a very powerful message, but it is a message that is a lie.  We do have the power of our yes's to be yes's and our no's to be no's.  The capitalistic machine depends on us believing we have less power than we do.  I encourage you dearest readership to make your own list, and don't put it away till next year.  Keep it out where you can see it everyday.  Add to it, if you can.  Put a date on the parts that you make come true for yourself.  Practice unbending intent.  With each success you have, you will become even more resolute to make the rest of the list happen as well.  Don't make the mistake of being passive about is a very powerful and good thing!

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