Monday, August 1, 2011

Ban Them!

I know I am ready to see the plastic bag be banned.  I talked with a fellow at our local carryout who says that people in his country get arrested, fined, and questioned if they are caught with a plastic bag.  It takes 12 million barrels of oil to make enough bags for American consumers.  Looks like this issue might make it to the Ohio ballot box..  Check out the article on The Free Press site.  And you can start by banning plastic bags in your own life.  Click here for more information.

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frijolitofarmer said...

I love plastic shopping bags. They're much more durable than paper bags, and easier to carry. Unlike paper, which often rips before you get it out of the store, plastic bags can be used over and over. I use old plastic grocery bags at the farmers market for people to put their chicken in so it doesn't get their other purchases wet.

And after the bag is broken and can't be used as a bag anymore, you can still use it. They make decent insulation for plugging holes in a greenhouse or cold frame. I made a greenhouse on our front porch one year and also had hotbeds in the yard, and the one thing that made the difference between them working and not was stuffing plastic bags into all the little holes.

And even after that, the bag still isn't dead yet! Did you know you can crochet plastic bags? You cut them into strips and crochet them just like yarn. Doing this, you can make another bag that's much more durable than those crappy "reusable" shopping bags they sell at the grocery store for a buck. And if your crocheted bag gets damaged beyond repair, you can still RECYCLE it.

Or we can pass a law to have more cops throwing more people in jail for having the wrong kind of bag, and have more forests cut down and more pollution pumped into the air and water by factories like the Mead plant in Chillicothe turning trees into paper bags.