Monday, January 14, 2013

Witness To An Extreme Century

I have been re-reading Robert J. Lifton's books this month in order to wrap my head around my whole history in cults in this county.  A reference librarian found his new book Witness To An Extreme Century which contains the story of his life work.  Back in the 90's when I escaped from The Granville Cult and moved to Columbus, Lifton's work, particularly his book The Nazi Doctors put my  horrific experiences in context.  I had no idea that he had also interviewed Korean POWs, Vietnam Vets, survivors of Hiroshima.  His description of how he felt interviewing these monsters (Nazi Doctors) puts the exact words to my experience that eluded me since that time.  I burnt most of my records of that time period in my life, but as time goes by, I am more convinced that the monsters I encountered in Granville were unreformed Nazi scientists!  And why not.  Denison University and Granville Ohio would be a perfect place for Nazi criminals that exchanged a noose at Nuremburg for a new identity and bank account in the U.S...for research.  He describes his dreams after interviewing these individuals and they are so like mine that I can't help but compare.  
A month ago I was flooded with memories of The Labyrinth Project in Granville and I found my files.  Lots of Germanic names involved in that project.  Could it be that I made them a modern symbol that could be openly used instead of a swastika?  I may never know for sure.  My experience tells me that some of those people I knew in Granville were directly involved in project paperclip and monarch.  Those files are not available to the public yet, but someday will be declassified.  Perhaps they should have sterilized them in the deal we made with them, so they couldn't reproduce!

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