Monday, January 28, 2013

Success Story

I am so proud of my friend Sarah.  I have known Sarah since my freshman year in high school.  We use to skip 4th period study hall and go outside to the Ag barns and hang out with the animals.  I am not sure why we were never caught, or never missed for that matter.  Still, those hours have stayed with me in my memory since that time.  Recently, through Facebook, I have gotten reacquainted with Sarah.  I went and visited her at her business when I went to do laundry at Jeff's laundromat.  I stop by every time I go there, and see what she is up to.  The reason I am proud of Sarah is that she went into business for herself, doing what she loves and what she is best at, dog grooming.  She told me the story of how she got started.  She was all set to buy a drive through beer dock, that would have been a certain success.  In fact, she was about to purchase two of them as I recall, and at the last minute decided to invest in herself and this dog grooming business.  Yesterday, when I was doing my laundry, I went over to the window to try and take a picture.  I was greeting by one of her happy pooch customers that refused to stop scratching at the door, until Sarah came to see who was causing the ruckus.  Sarah's business is called Shampooch, and I have faith that her following her dream, sets the pace and example for the rest of us.  She would not have been happy spending her days in a beer dock.  I have made similar decisions in my life.  So many times people who have seen my drawings say to me "you should do tattoos".  While the drawing and art part of that is very appealing to me, what is not appealing is...I hate needles and puncturing skin.  It makes me queezy,  I also think for the most part, I wouldn't want to hang out with the people who get tattoos for the length of time I would have to interact with them.  And yeah...I could have made a lot of money doing it, but I would not have been happy with any other thing about it, except the money.

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