Monday, January 7, 2013

Thrilling Weekend

On Saturday I received word That The Quilt Of Elizabeth Brim has been selected to be in the 18th annual Accessible Expressions Ohio Exhibit and Tour.  On Sunday I finished the outer frame of the piece and putting together a press release for our local paper.  I am looking for a fiscal sponsor for next year (2013-2014), and the next project...which is a secret for right now.  My understanding is that a fiscal sponsor receives money in my behalf to fund the next art project, in exchange for a tax exemption.  This is all new to me, so there is some studying involved.  My strength has always been in doing the art, not marketing.  Hopefully with a two month reprieve on legal matters, I can get to this, and through this without too much pain.  I will keep you posted dear readership.  If you know of the perfect fiscal sponsor for me some time and some steps...please email me with your ideas.  I will be back here to the library this afternoon to listen and watch a webinar about fiscal sponsorship.  No doubt by tomorrow, I may have the knowledge I need to proceed and succeed!

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