Sunday, January 13, 2013

Haunted Places and Spaces

This is where the fire started that killed Brenda Eastman on Easter Sunday 1977 when she lived with her son at 2108 Paul Drive.  The boy lived through the fire and returned to visit the summer before I left.  He had only been 5 years old when he lost his mother and was placed in a nearby home.  He and his friend were walking by when he was a teenager and he had a flashback type experience that he later learned was were he had previously lived.

I found out about the fire from an old neighbor who still lived on the street and could not believe that I couldn't smell the old fire even after remodeling.  Old Pete may be old, but his memory is sharp and between the story he told and the newspaper clipping that Shawn Eastman showed me, I was able to discern that the house may still be haunted by Brenda Eastman.

I didn't ever see anything...other than that the house was cosmetically altered but the shell of the house damaged so bad that doors wouldn't hang properly and holes in the roof that were not repaired.  It doesn't surprise me that Nesley wasn't forthcoming with any of that history as she was only trying to profit on the house.

Many of the houses I have lived in were supposedly haunted.  I am living in a whole town that I myself feel haunted by.  There is nothing much to do about it as it is all paranormal.  I will post more pictures of the houses I have lived in, and that are still there in future I come across them and revisit them again.  

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