Friday, January 11, 2013

Home Away From Home

Franklin County Municipal home away from home.  I went ahead and filled out all the paperwork to begin the garnishment process with Lori.  Looks like I will need to visit the 3rd floor and then walk the paperwork up to the tenth floor.  I emailed her and gave her 24 hours to make payment arrangements and to save her some money.  I don't expect to hear from her though.  I noticed it doesn't cost any more to request an oral hearing, so I went ahead and filled out that paperwork as well.  If I have to spend so much time down here, I don't mind making my adversaries pay to park, go through metal detection, oath taking, etc.  I am relieved that I don't have to know her currant employer, or bank...that there is a process.

I am relieved on all sorts of levels.  If there were not a judicial process, these girls would have been free to do pretty much anything they wanted to me....screw up my credit report, bust my kiln.  I don't think either of them thought this whole thing out.  I did.  I knew the process.  And even though I hate going through it, I hate being ripped off even more.  So this is just the end of the process with one case, and I imagine I will win my next case as well.  Nesley won't want to be garnished as it would reveal all the bank accounts and properties.  If we get that far though, I have an extra form for the motion for the oral hearing.  If Lori contacts me before Friday to make payment arrangements then I would not have to make this trip.  I am blogging this on Thursday in hopes that I don't.  If all goes well, I should be back shortly after noon.

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