Saturday, January 12, 2013

300 Daily Hits

I spoke with the prosecutor yesterday (while I was in the process of garnishing Lori's wages) and he seems to think charges can be filed against everyone in this photo.  I have 3 photos in total on a flashdrive of this incident, and about 50 of the property problems up till then.  We'll see.  I certainly don't want to harm these kids.  They were only doing what they were paid to do.  They did probably know they were doing something wrong though.  Things are getting interesting for sure!  That would be a whole other trial...and I know the kids in this picture were only doing Nesley's bidding.  They were being paid (cash and smoke).  It is interesting that the two women most responsible for the heinous deed are not actually involved in the breaking of the paying for it, and the other along for the ride (show).  Because Jeanne Davis is in this photo (elbow on the truck), her previous testimony at the first trial can be thrown out, or so I am told by the prosecutor.  She comes through clearly in the next two photos.  I was not able to tell him which ones of the boys were actually minors at the time.  That would make a difference as to the charges filed etc.
  This isn't over Nesley.  Not by a long shot.  There are about 300 hits to this blog on average per day.  It is amazing to me.  My following jumped from 4 subscribers to 25 since this incident and my blogs about it.  I can only imagine that my readers want to find out what is going to happen in my legal proceedings.  One thing for sure though, if my lease agreement isn't honored in the city of Columbus, then nobody should ever sign one!  If a landlord can breach an agreement, and pay for minors to perform property damage, and somehow not have to pay for it, then no one is safe.  I wouldn't dream of moving back to Columbus unless the laws of the city and the courts would protect me from criminals like this.
On a sad note, I have not made a pot or clay piece since this incident.  Way to go girls!  You aren't making any art yourselves, but you will pay to destroy equipment that I would use to make art!  You are monsters girlz.  Do you think there is anyone out there that supports your evil deed?  Maybe.  Maybe someone who has also worked in tandem with your evil deed.  All conspiracy theory's aside...between this photo, Dee Ames emails in regard to this, and Lori Rayburns intentional sabotage of my credit report, the case is much stronger.  And as he pointed out, all their phones are linked (yes girls I gave him all your phone numbers).  I don't care if it takes 5 years girls, you are going to pay for what you have done.  And boys....I don't know.  I was feeling sorry for you, but the prosecutor seems to think if I let you get away with this, it will free you up to do future crimes.  I would say, you probably ought to work for someone else....someone ethical in the future.  She isn't looking out for your interest by hiring you to destroy someones property.  Just ask yourself, would she pay your bail?  Would she pay for your attorney?

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