Monday, January 21, 2013

Cat Guardians

These kittens (3) were born in May.  Somebody dropped off a pregnant female in between my neighbor and my houses.  I have done my best by them without being seen.  Even though the other tenants have pets (Dogs), they do not have to pay rent for their pet....I do!  My landlord delights in telling me how much she hates cats...and kittens!  Syd pays $10 a month to stay with me. is discrimination against me from my landlord.  I wouldn't dream of trying to challenge her on her heinous ideas until I have won my case against Nesley my previous heinous landlord.  In fact I haven't even mentioned Nesley to my landlord.  These kittens have acted as guardians of sorts.  This particular day, I was out trying to just take a walk and do my part as a member of block watch.  They followed me completely around the block, and when they realized where I was going, they ran ahead of if to show me the way.  I will miss little Rio.  My heart breaks for her.  She never had a chance.  I did what I could.  My friend Sally did what she could.  Even St. Vincent DePaul helped out by dropping off a bag of cat food!
My frienemys are delighted in my devastation.  Don't worry Nesley.....I will be over it in time to kick your ass in court.  You can count on it.  And Lori, your garnishment is at hand.  Don't think that just because I am sad, that I have forgotten you evil bitches.  I am coming after you with everything I have got, and the only way I know! 

Post Script   I am relieved to report that my present landlord does like cats, but we can't have them on our street because of the traffic.  She and I have finally been able to talk about this whole thing.  It is not her fault, and not my fault, and not my neighbors fault.  The fault lies in the person who dropped off the mother cat in the first place...shame on you person.  Hell won't be hot enough!

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