Saturday, January 26, 2013

Reward Offered

Several years ago I started this painting of the Blue House On Deming And Cliffside.  I didn't ever quite finish it, and it was stolen on October 26, 2010.  I am not a wealthy woman, but I can offer a reward for the return of this painting that is not monetary.  Since there is no such thing as art police, I will just have to trust that the universe is always on purpose.  It is not likely that the thief knew what he or she was stealing as they were quickly taking 4 boxes from my truck in between my trips to and from.  I can't imagine that anyone would ever intentionally steal this painting, but there was one enemy who openly admired it even though it was not finished or signed.  Out of all the things that were taken or destroyed that year this painting is the thing that hurts the most.  I have every confidence that I could repaint it, but I don't have the inspiration to do so, as I had when I painted it the first time.  Keep your eye's open dearest readership.  If you find my painting, I will give you a surprise that I promise you will be much better than money!

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