Saturday, January 19, 2013


The little black female kitten that I have been trying to take care of without my landlord finding out was killed yesterday by a car.  Syd loved little Rio, and I would have taken her if I had not come up against such hatred from my landlord in relation to the whole litter of kittens that were born in May.  I have to pay her $10 a month for Syd, and she would have charged me $50 a month had I openly taken care of them.  I can not change the fact that heinous humans do not neuter and spay their cats!  I can't change that.  Little Rio was surrounded by these giant neighborhood un neutered male cats the last time I saw her.  It is not hard for me to imagine that they chased her into the street only to be killed by a passing car or truck.  I am glad I did not hear it or see it...perhaps if I was not owed money by my x, and my x landlord, I could have done the right thing by her.  I can't change peoples rigid minds.  The hypocrites in my neighborhood, won't neuter their male cats, but are the first to complain about the pregnant strays.  As you might guess dear readers I am devastated and overwhelmed by this tragedy and I am on the verge of tears at a public computer at the library.  I hope to be over it by Monday, and be back here blogging.  Take care dear readership, and if you have cats that are not spayed or neutered, please consider the consequences of this sort of negligence.  On a lighter note,  if you want to see some awesome photographs of black cats, do a search for Alfred Hitchcock's Black Cat Auditions.  I would put in a link but I am running out of time on this public computer.  Hitchcock did a movie that was an Edgar Allen Poe story in the late 50's or early 60's, and the photographs of the black cat auditions are spectacular!

Post script It turns out that my landlord does in fact like cats, and has had at least 3 cats that she told me about.  Living where we do, there is alot of fast traffic and it is difficult to keep cats off the road and alive.  I am relieved to finally have all this come out, as I am not financially able to take care of any other cat than Syd.  It is sad that someone dropped off the mother cat, and that 2 of her kittens have been killed right in front of my house.   Thank you neighbor Phil for burying them.

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