Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Drum Head Template

This week, I have been spending my time, painting a drum head on my Djun Dun to match my frame drum.  Unfortunately, I have run out of paint, so the project is on hold along with several other projects on hold until I can get what I need to finish them.  I will be modifying this design by losing one of the snakes, and changing the colors.  This design is copyrighted and owned by All In One Tribe Drum, but is a great design with wonderful symbolism.  My frame drum was signed by Paul Concha, which caused me to know that this was indeed the drum I was to purchase almost 20 years ago.  Paul Concha is now a park ranger in Taos New Mexico.  I think he would like my modification of this design.  I will post a picture of my modified drum head on my Djun as soon as I can get it finished.  This afternoon, I will be in the studio working on the leftover quilt pieces and addressing post cards for my upcoming show.  I realize that I have never felt quite this comfortable being who I am as an artist and I am going to make the absolute most of it!

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