Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Press Release

I walked my press release packet into the newsroom of Newark Advocate yesterday.  This morning I tried to find a photo of the new building to no avail.  Next time I go there, I will be sure snap a shot so that I can officially blog it, and it will come up on Google at the very least.  It is my hope that my hometown newspaper will consider both my grant and upcoming art show to be as newsworthy as the criminal activity that makes the headlines each day.  I am ashamed to report that our local recycling drop off has not been emptied since before Christmas as there is a pile up of Christmas trees in addition to everything else!  I wanted to take a photograph of that location, but have not been able to come when it is tidy.  I am always on the hunt for recyclables to use in my next project, so I check often.  I will be compiling a couple more press releases for the two Columbus papers that have written about me and my art in the past in hopes that they will remember me and perhaps see fit to post something about my upcoming show.  Perhaps you remember the article in The Short North Gazette about Bonie Bolen the mural painter.  I instigated that article and was very surprised and delighted that Bonie mentioned my work in that article.  The Other Paper ran an article called Be Careful Where You Put Your Mural which I was quoted along with the owner of the building.  We were both very unhappy that a local business covered up the best Short North Mural when they extended their building facade.  These two news sources are long shots to say the least, but at least both papers recognize art and artists as valuable to the community.  I have to try, or I will always wonder.  Since I plan on coming back to Columbus in the future, these two papers could be instrumental in obtaining the money to relocate...or relocate again LOL!  There is not enough art or music happening here to hold my interest for very long, so I find myself trying to figure out how I am going to make it back to Columbus.  It was a mistake to try to help my sister out.  I will always have that regret I fear.
I spent an hour or so yesterday trying to track down The Licking County Art Association to no avail.  I have previously worked there as a model, and have also showed my work there as well.  In terms of locating a fiscal sponsor, The Licking County Art Association is the place to start.  All this busy work, and running around has made me crave to actually make art instead of fund raise...but I would be remiss if I didn't use both the Ohio Arts Council grant and the Ohio art exhibition and tour to try and obtain more funds.  Trying to use this news two months from now would be too late as the show is March 2nd.  I have already used over half my grant money to replace the metal for the projects I made for Christmas, and I fear the rest of the money will go fast.  I received half of what I asked for, and even though it was a well timed blessing, I will fall short of my goals unless I can raise more money.  So all the books on grant writing suggest that an artist use one grant to get the next.  It makes sense, but it is not what I am good at.  Keep your eye out dearest readers for an old door I can mount the next quilt project on.  I am looking for an old door with the 4 inserted panels, with the hardware to hang it.  I see them occasionally heading out to recycle, but until now have not needed one.  I will be back this afternoon to finish my press release work and answer emails.  Get a hold of me if you find the perfect door that a metal quilt would look good on.  I have several of the bow tie panels that didn't get used for the first one, and I would love to do one on a door this time, and just sell the door to hang on the wall, or use it as an actual door!

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