Saturday, July 20, 2013

Syd Cools Down

Syd loves the water!  Here he is coolin down on Friday.  He sits underneath the water run off from my outside plants.  This cat sure loves his outside.  On other notes...I have been sifting and sorting through all my old art and pictures in between art projects.  It is time to get everything recorded onto flashdrives. 

Not too many people know that I am also a weaver.  Here is some of my work from 30 years ago....the last time I had my hands on a loom.  There is no tellin what all I might have done if I would have access to one since that time.  I believe this pattern is called herringbone.  I can use my weaving as a backdrop to some of my other art projects, like this clay bowl I made when I had access to a potters wheel.

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