Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Barbed Wire Patriot

I am working on my American Dream Catcher...that started out being a lie catcher.  Who knows where this is gonna go?  I may be weaving bullets into the web, as soon as I can neutralize them, and possibly dog tags.  Happy 4th of July everybody.  This half bread is gonna be celebrating her own independence for the next few days.  I don't much like firecrackers as it scares the hell out of my cat, and traumatizes the whole neighborhood pet family.  I stopped trying to second guess why folks would insist on such a disruption.  Much sacrifice and suffering happened for our so called freedoms.  Each of those 50 stars was once a territory that was already occupied by Native People.  So...I just don't get what there is to celebrate...unless it is tricking people out of their home..."the tricked and evicted know what I mean" Buffy Sainte Marie.

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