Monday, July 22, 2013

Letter To The FBI About The Granville Cult

I found the letter that I received from the FBI in the late 90's about my information about the Granville First Baptist Cult and how it connected to Moundbuilders Guidance center (4 psychologists from that cult) at the time.  Back then, Hate Crimes were fairly new.  This was all before 911, so it is not any wonder that these heinous individuals were not caught....I guess they weren't "muslim enough".
It isn't any wonder there were sleeper cells in this country planning the attack on the WTC.  The FBI turned a blind eye to the local terrorists who harmed me, and my family, and the children in First Baptist day care center.  They (the system) didn't protect me when I was an abused kid, and they didn't protect me as a handicapped adult...maybe they really can't protect anybody.

So the local yokle domestic terrorists who have their little modern version of smear the queer going on in good ole wholesome Granville OK.....but foreign terrorism is supposed to cause me to fear....cause me to go out and spend money....cause me to trust my government to save me...FINALLY????
I totally get it, when some one goes postal.  I really do.

I heard a woman was raped at Denison a few days ago, and of course there is a cover up.   Of course the woman had to go elsewhere for treatment and support.  Nothing has changed in this place since I left here 18 years ago.  It is the same corrupt little cesspool of a town, with its corrupt little newspaper, and it's Nazi hospital. 

I know this, I am going to spread the word...I will publish through this blog, and I will tell my stories to anyone who will listen.  I will attempt to rewrite the FBI and add to their fountain of evidence that they continue to ignore.  I will write songs, and poems, and I will get the word out.  And if by chance, someone decides to take out some of the "offenders" or their offending offspring "by any means necessary", I will applaud them. 

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