Sunday, July 21, 2013

Old Weaving Pieces And What Not

The library is closed on Sunday, so I am posting this on Saturday.  This is another one of my weaving projects from 30 years ago....the last time I had my hands on a loom.  Art education was a perfect major for me, as it gave me access to equipment, and instruction in all the arts.  Had I majored in art, I would have had to specialize. 
Right now my kitchen table is taken up with paintings I need to finish up.  I missed the deadline for the July Sparta art show.  I couldn't concentrate on painting while I had my mind on legal matters.  It has taken a few days to get my momentum going again.  I am out of some major materials I need for metalsmithing, so I am jumping over to other mediums till I can get to Columbus to buy what I need.  Stay tuned....there is so much more to come, and time is a wasting!

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