Friday, July 19, 2013

My First Official Home

Several months ago I promised to publish the places I have lived in my 54 years on this earth....I will be 55 the 29th of this month.  I ran away from home when I was 16 years old and became a ward of the court.  The court placed me in room 2 at the YWCA (after 8 days in jail with adults who had committed crimes).  I stayed at the YWCA for a few years while I finished school and started college.  I made many friends in that residence, and taught classes to support myself.  Prior to the court placement at the Y, I lived in the "underground".  Back in those days the underground consisted of volunteers at the grass roots level (peoples homes)...mostly what later became official battered women shelters.  My cult ritualistic abuse background began with my early incest experiences.  Back in those days it was quite common for run aways to be placed back in their homes.  I was no exception....I must have run away 3 or 4 times before they finally let me emancipate myself.  It is still quite common for the system to punnish the victims of abuse and place them right back into the hands of their abusers.  This is why Gayle Woodsum says in her book THE ULTIMATE CHALLENGE that law enforcement are decades away from punnishing offenders rather than the targets for their abuse.  This building is now a church, or so I am told...with an after school program.....hummm.....sounds familiar. 

I started following a ritualistic abuse survivor blog.  Survivorship is important to me.  My life has been very hard as a result of the abuse I endured growing up.  Since then an evil cult has been using my abuse history to further torture me.  I know this now.  I know who they are, and where they are.  I will do everything in my power to stay out of their web, and to dismantle them before they can harm any more of my friends or family.  If you are an cult ritualistic abuse survivor you might find the survivor blog I have found it to be helpful.

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