Saturday, July 27, 2013

Art Walk

Yesterday, I went on an art walk downtown Newark.  Maybe if I am still living here next year, I can be part of this.  I am working on a painting of the Sparta as I believe it is a really cool building.  Chris Ramsey has turned it into a wonderful meca for artists.  I stopped in last night to show him my latest painting...and he asked me to paint a picture of the sparta.  I thought that was pretty funny as I started that painting in June...and because I didn't have any Mars Black till yesterday afternoon, I couldn't proceed with it.  I have plenty of Mars Black now thanks to an absolute stranger who was walking her dog Lulu by my house and overheard me telling my neighbor about my lack of black paint.  The universe is a strange vast place.  She brought me the paint yesterday....Chris requested the painting yesterday....and so by this afternoon, I might be able to get back to it.  Don't forget about my upcoming reception at the Licking County Library August 6th 6pm room b.  I have asked musicians to bring there instruments....who knows who might show up.

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