Monday, July 8, 2013

Historic Anvil

This historic meteorite anvil has quite a story behind it.  My own meteorite experience has been bizarre (to say the least) as well.  But who knows how much is just cult related systematic torture and abuse, and how much is just the sinister crooks that are always trying to hunt down meteorite for their own glory.  This anvil in the drawing was named after a crook that tried to take credit for it.  It took years of painstaking work to get it properly named, but the anvil has now been renamed The Tuscon anvil, and is safe at the Smithsonian.
  I have been working on a project from a well known meteorite guy for 18 years.  He warned me that there was a large criminal element in his business, and that I needed to keep it under wraps.  Who knows, had I not been protecting Buddy's meteorite, I might have made some errors, that would have resulted in me losing his meteorite, as well as everything I have.  Had I not been on the run from this damned cult, I probably would have finished his project long before now.  They have held me up for sure, and they are trying desperately to trigger me into a pliable victim, even this week.  I am doing everything I can to break their programming, and to relocate.  In the meantime.....Buddy, I haven't forgotten you.  I have been doing my best to get your blades finished.  I have moved 11 times since I started your project.  11 times in 18 years.  It has been most difficult to get a studio set up, only to have to tear it down....sometimes losing valuable equipment along the way.
  The textbooks say, the cult will not ever give up trying to maintain lifetime control over me.  The textbooks say that law enforcement is decades away from ever catching these criminals.  All these textbooks were written before 911.  Law enforcement has turned a blind eye to cults like Granville First Baptist Church (domestic terrorists).  Everybody is more concerned with the mythical alkeida.  What a great trick....get every one's attention on 3rd world people in our country, and let the right wing fundamentalist's continue operating their sleeper cells unhampered.  Bravo, we have to leave a donut trail to the offenders, or can you maybe look into this before someone else besides me gets tortured.  Perhaps the FBI and CIA should give Granville another look, and see if they might be able to uncover the exact same tactics foreign terrorists use.  In fact Granville Ohio would be the safest place for Julian Assange, as they seem to have a free ticket to practice whatever evil they wish including Eugenics!  I think it just might be time for our local cult to let me go.  I know I wouldn't want to be in a cage with me right now! If I don't get my grant to go to The Smithsonian, I see no other recourse than to finish my book about the Granville First Baptist Cult.  I hate that book, but if that is all they want me to think about (by continuing to terrorise me), then that is all that I will be able to do....I will just have to write about them, offer prizes for information leading to their convictions.  I can publish all I have in regards to them....and then they are going to have to lock their doors in Granville.  They should anyway.  I have been quitely telling people for years.  They have no idea who may have penetrated their little dark world.  I have had 18 years to disperse my information to the right people.  Stay tuned dear readers....more will be revealed. 

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