Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Echo Terrorism

This friend of mine told me that Three Sisters In The Pale Moonlight is an example of eco-terrorism.  That started me thinking about my paintings in a whole new way.  Could paintings threaten big ag?  It is the idea of planting seeds in a non-traditional way that is the threat.  The painting just portrays it.  Anyway....the whole idea of it made me so mad that I went in and changed my sweet corn sign in the second painting to add the NO GMO symbol...which really, if you think about it should be what we would expect when we buy vegies at a road side farm market.  And yes, that is Lori Rayburn at the counter purchasing sweet corn.  It was the last day we were I am grateful that I snapped the photo.  I think she would approve of this painting.  Hey Lori, I added the cat in the window just for you!

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