Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Edmistons Art And Frame Shop

Here is Edmistons Art and Frame shop.  This is where, I used to get my art work framed when I was still in college.  Now, I frame my work from materials I find in dumpsters LOL!  I have been trying to get the nerve to go over there and park, and see if I can find out any information about the place.  It seems that there are still lots of frames in the shop, but it appears to be abandoned.  It would be a great place to have art classes, and use the storefront to sell art and art supplies.  It would probably even make a few dollars a month in profit....rather than sit there and deteriorate....losing money...The capitalistic carrot.....sometimes sits and rots in between chasers.
I imagine that the unimaginers have decided to tear this building down, so they can put a gravel parking lot there....to expand the parking for the pizza place next door.

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