Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Morning With NPR

The newest painting is coming along.  I am hoping to have it finished and maybe even framed in time for my reception August 6th 6 pm room b Licking County Library.  I now can get NPR on my radio.  This is a first since I have moved here.  I have been news starved.  My living room does not have any windows.  So....I can't get TV reception....I could only get T100 on the radio....which made me want to go out and shoot a truck or something.  They play the same top ten country songs all day long....and are very short on news....particularly news outside of Nerk.  So....I have been pretty much in a state of autism as far as knowing what is going on in the world.  I can't afford cable, or Internet, or even the local newspaper....which would also make me want to go out and shoot up a truck (I don't know where I get that imagery).  I will be surprised if my "reception" at the library (even though I got an award) gets any press, as they only seem to want to print stories about me that are revisionist fabricated lies.  They did not retract their erroneous story about the labyrinth that we made in 1995...not 4 years ago....and the guy he quoted was not even on the project.  You would think they would want to at least strive for integrity, and retract their errors....maybe even check out the dudes credentials....he just might not be who he says he is (stranger things have happened).  But....I am not going to do their job for them.... if they want to print errors and not correct them, quote imposter' is not on is on them.  The library is giving me some press.  Sparta will post my flier...if the newspaper only want to print wonder they call it the Newark Aggravate.  We'll see.  I am beginning to try to find my next place to live...someplace that has a real paper, and radio, art, and music.  I am lonely here....not much happening...certainly not enough happening for my starving artist soul!  I am putting the feelers out.  My needs are simple....I need workspace, and I need to bring Syd my cat with me.  I would consider Milo, but I can't afford the rent, And the storage rental I would need as I am much bigger than just a room, with a microwave and fridge.....I could do it for while though...particularly if I could plug into the gallery hops, drum gigs, and grant opportunities (most of Ohio grants are for Franklin County residents).  Still....I paint....and I dream of the day I can paint my way into my next home.  Monday, I will be 55 years old.  When I grow up....I want to get away from my abusers (ritualistic abusers).  I don't think that is too much to you?

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