Monday, March 17, 2014

Writing A Book About Perryton Ohio

A project that has been secretly in the wings for some time is a book about Perryton Ohio.  I have agreed, as of Friday to take on that project.  The book will be boring without pictures, so I will be trying to obtain photographs as I interview some of the folks and their recollections about Perryton.
  Perryton was once named Elizabeth Town, and is the town where I grew up.  I have mostly fond memories of the town, but there will be some surprises along the way.  The original idea for this book came from Doris Barrick, a teacher, historian, and friend who passed away recently.  Doris would be a fine source of information and I just wish I had taken on this project while she was still alive.  I can imagine that her spirit lives on even today in that little town.  Perhaps I will see her, and can channel what she wants to tell us.  I know she would be smiling at the prospect of the book that she conceived, and I am happy to take this project on rather than leave it unwritten.

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