Monday, March 31, 2014

The Myth Of The Welfare Queen

Fascinating read.  If I thought I could get by without "entitlements" I most certainly would get out of the trap.  90% of my income goes to housing and utilities.  I have lived for years without a TV.  I drive an old car that was given to me.  I use the local food pantry, and I transport someone who does not have a car.  For the times when for what ever the reason my housing gets jeopardized, I keep my tent and sleeping bag handy.  Thankfully, Syd and I were saved from homelessness by a woman who had a spare credit card who paid for 10 days at The Starlite Motel.  From there I was able to secure housing for us without trying to do it from the street.

David Zucchino's insightful book has been comforting to me.  Poverty is not a crime, but the criminalization of the poor goes on, as poor people can not get legal help.  When I get in a jam, I go to legal aid even though it is seldom that they handle cases such as the legal action I launched in regard to the unpaid phone bill (3 months after I moved), and the unpaid water bill that was acquired for a year prior to my moving in at Paul Drive.  Had I listened to the person at the bar association when I called, there would not have been any court cases.  These channels have to be explored, or well meaning people who suggest them could chalk it up to the poor person not exercising every available opportunity.  I highly recommend The Myth Of The Welfare Queen.  Hopefully, the author will provide some solutions by the end of the book.  That is just one more book that I don't have to write!  

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