Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Meteorite Ring

I have some leftover meteorite and am thinking about making a ring.  These are quite pricey ($400 or more), but I don't like having unused materials laying around for years.  I shudder to think that in the event of my death (because of my low income) my shit would be put the curb!  What a waste.  A life collecting valuable things, rather than trying to hide and save money.  That is what lays ahead of me though.  "Capitalism is violent and seamless" to quote a friend of mine who shall go unnamed!  I am trying to work in some sort of will or living trust this year to make sure the artifacts, my jewelry, my paintings and other artists paintings: that I have collected end up in museums or libraries rather than Big O trash truck.  I remind me of stories about these old spinsters that died poor, but had all sorts of wealth in their belongings.  In fact, folks have walked into my house and pointed out objects and collectables that are valuable, wondering why I don't sell the pieces.  This is simple...I enjoy them, and if I sold them for what they are worth I would violate the income guidelines that are imposed on poor people like me who have to live on entitlements.  I sold two paintings this year, a knife, and a little repair work.  That is not enough to live on, but it is just enough to supplement my income.  I have tried consignment, and it hasn't worked as too much time passes, and sometimes the consignment shop goes belly up...and guess what.....my stuff ends up unsold and packed up and gone with the fly by night business.  I have to operate in a way that I don't lose the thing I have made. 

So when I had inheritance money, I bought art supplies and materials like meteorite.  I repaired antiques.  I replaced broken things that I needed.  I bought clothes for the first time in my adult life.  Poverty is a financial hardship for me, but I have a wealth in what I have been able to find and keep.  I am reading a book this week about The Myth Of The Welfare Queen.  I haven't read anything that I didn't know about through my own experiences, but it has been refreshing to see poverty and the consequences through and affluent authors eyes!

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