Sunday, March 23, 2014

Old School Houses

Early this morning I began to download and post any pictures I could find in relation to Perryton Ohio.  I started with Google Images where I found this old photo that is also on Flicker.  On Flicker I found a few more that I have had trouble posting the images.  I have begun the very tedious process of writing a book about Perryton.  I grew up in that town.  I have some fond memories of it as well as some heartbreaking ones.  The trouble with this old schoolhouse is that it is not located in Perryton.  It is within a couple miles, if in fact it still exists.  The recent photos of this schoolhouse were dated 2007.  Another problem is that I have no recollection of ever seeing this schoolhouse, in spite of my interest in old schoolhouses.  You may recall that in 1989 I renovated an old schoolhouse on Pleasant Valley Church Road (Near Pete Millers Junk Yard).  I took several photos while I lived there and I made a sketch that I had intended to use for a home made Christmas card. 

I was gone by Christmas that year.  It was not possible for me to live in that community as hard as I tried.  Most of the attitudes and prejudices that I grew up with, and in spite of, are still stubbornly in place today.  It is going to be difficult for me to write this book because of all the ritualistic abuse and the trauma that the recollections will inevitably cause.  I moved away.  I changed my name.  I connected with folks that love me for who I am, rather than try to control me.  A short history book must be factual, and I will try my hardest not to let my resentments, my horrible experiences, and memories prevent me from writing it.  If there is someone else out there that wants to write it, then I will gladly turn over any writing and photos that I obtain in my searches.  I will not publish a book about Perryton without photographs as I think that would be boring and it would bore me to death to try it.

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