Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Going In Circles

Just when I think I know exactly what project I need to work on, something else comes up!  And what about the cat?  Master Syd can not decide which side of the door he needs to be on.  Here you see him perched on my pipe vise/anvil trying to mentally cause me to open the door and let him outside.  I attended an art/craft show in New Lexington on Sunday, and Monday was a recovery day!  My friend Brian does beautiful work.  He has great pictures of his work, but it does not do justice to seeing it in real life.  I was happy to be able to see his display and local show, but I wasn't good for much action the following day.  Today though, I'm good to go.  Old man winter is finally releasing his grip, and I for one will be taking advantage of that. 

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