Friday, March 7, 2014

Ten Confirmed Guests!

I have ten confirmed guests coming to the VSA 2014 Exhibition on Saturday.  I regret that no one in my family of origin will be there.  My friends will be there though, and it is in spite of my family's indifference that my extended family of friends who have always been supported will be there to share the day with me.  I am guessing that more folks will show up, and I expect to be able to visit with some that I haven't seen in years!  Please come dear readers to the Westerville Community Center (google for directions).  The award cerimony is at noon, but I will be there early to visit with my friends and fellow artists. 

I had a lot of fun painting Everything's Peachy.  It was theraputic for me.  This painting is sold, and I hope to win another ribbon this year.  Please come to the event if you can.  It was a blast last year with wonderful entertainment and great snacks.  Oh....and don't forget to vote for the Peoples Choice award.

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