Tuesday, March 4, 2014

It Won't Work This Year, So Don't Even Try It


Last year, the night before the exhibition, Syd and I got a bomb threat.  I presume that one of my enemies wanted me to be so frightened that I wouldn't attend my own art show.  It didn't happen.  It is not going to happen this year either.  Hopefully, by now, my enemies know better than to try and manipulate me with threats.  I don't respond in the usual way to threats, as I would probably react in just the opposite way!  I have sold all three of these works, and I will be hoping to get a ribbon and an award this year, as well as visit with some friends that I haven't seen in a long while.

Simply Living Inspired Painting with Environmental Message Concha Castaneda's <conchacastaneda@hotmail.com>painting (Everything's Peachy) was selected for a statewide exhibition and tour of Ohio. The VSA 2014 Exhibtion and Tour begins March 8th at the Westerville Community Center, 350 N. Cleveland Ave, 43082. Visitors can vote for the People's Choice award so if you go please consider a vote for Concha's painting. View her painting here. You can also check out her blog <http://conchacastaneda.blogspot.com/>

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