Monday, March 24, 2014

Ebay Auctions Set Back In Motion

It has been awhile since I tried to sell on eBay.  As an experiment, I launched an auction yesterday afternoon for one of the last pieces of pottery I made since my kiln was destroyed.  I should have added a ruler in the picture to help the prospective customer see the size.  I should have included my business card sticking out of the clay pot.  I should have ironed the bandana that I used to cover up the dirty tree stump in front of my best light window (where Syd often sits).  Lots of "shoulds" to consider for next time.  My friend Louise always said "shoulds don't come from the Universe".  I started the book on Perryton.  The dedication of the book is to Doris Barrick who conceived the book in the first place.  It will be hard to write it without being able to ask her stuff.  She died a couple years ago when I was living at my sister's house out in Frazeysburg.  She would be tickled that I am tackling this project.  I will be willing though to turn the project over to some other writer that actually loves and lives in the town.  I see Perryton Ohio as a town in collapse.  More on that later dear readers.  I hope you are getting out into some of this sunshine.  Syd and I are.

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