Friday, September 13, 2013

Resting My Wrist Today

I woke up this morning with an inflamed wrist (I worked it too hard yesterday), so I am taking the day off till I can use it.  I know from previous experience that to try to use it when it hurts will result in many days of recovery.  If I can get my wrist in shape by this weekend there is an art show that I would like to enter.  Unfortunately, this painting is not quite finished yet, and it needs framed.  I will give it my best shot though, as I believe the subject matter in this painting is relevant, and a powerful message.
If I don't make the next Friday deadline, then I will more than likely find another show, that is calling for an enviornmental theme.  As you might guess dearest readership, there are many shows and exhibitons calling for enviornmental subject matter.

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